Asked Questions

Questions You Might Have

Will I Get Sea Sick?

Many people are very concerned about sea sickness, and in our experience this usually is not a problem.  Most people are enjoying themselves and kept busy so they completely forget they normally get motion sickness.  To best prevent feeling sick, be sure to arrive with food in your stomach and be well hydrated.  If you start feeling sick at all talk to your skipper for more tricks methods to preventing sickness.

What Should I Wear?

This is very dependent on the weather and personal preference; this can range from jackets to swim suits.  Check the weather forecast for the Vancouver area and wear whatever you will be comfortable wearing outside for an extended period of time.  You do not have to wear athletic clothing. If there is any question, it is always better to bring an extra layer and not use it than be chilly standing out in the wind.  We have had great days sailing in cooler and wetter wetter weather if people have come prepared.

Is There A Washroom?

Yes, Paloma is equipped with two onboard washrooms (heads) with showers. There is also a transom shower for post swim wash down.

What Else Should We Bring?

This is very dependent upon what the focus of your cruise is.  Here is a list of common things people bring on the cruise: Sunscreen, camera, towels, swim suite, jackets, sunglasses (it is very bright on the water), drinks (champagne, wine, or beer), food (snacks, takeout, hors d'oeuvres).

Can We Swim?

This is dependent on the conditions.  The northern waters are too cold to swim, southern island cruises have excellent warm waters.

Is There A Place To Tan?

Laying up on the bow of the boat is a great place to tan. Bring a towel and some sunscreen!

Can I Bring Alcohol?

You are more than welcome to bring drinks.  We provide cups, wine glasses, cork screw, etc.  Please inform us if there is a special occasion that requires something specific.

Should I Bring Food?

Depending on the charter you choose meals will be according to length of on board time.  Definitely bring food for a picnic or meal and whatever snacks you enjoy. Meals discussed at time contact. We are working on new food options and should have catering and snack options available soon

Where Do We Meet You/Where Do You Pick Up?

If you have an Alert Bay departure, then we will meet at the dock by the ferry terminal. If Nanaimo or Vancouver then a full disclosure will be sent in an email upon booking.

What Kind Of Drinks Are Provided?

We provide complementary filtered water, a selection of soft drinks, and coffee and teas.  Muffins, cookies, nuts and scones will be available for snacks.

Can Kids Come On The Charter?

Paloma is a child friendly boat.  The skipper has set the rules for them and they must comply to ensure safety.  It is very important to have the correct sized life vests.

 ***All passengers under 16 years of age must wear a life vest at all times.

How Does Gratuity/Tipping Work?

Your Choice

How Do I Pay For The Charter?

When you book a $100 dollar deposit will be taken to hold your reservation.  Upon completion of the cruise you can pay the remaining balance by cash, debit, or credit.

Can I Smoke Onboard?

No, there is no smoking onboard the vessel.  All vessels are smoke and drug free. Guests have in the past gone onto the swim grid to smoke, which is fine with the skipper.